Q. Is there a fee for obtaining a quote for colocation services via Colobroker.com?

A. No. There is no charge for requesting a quote for colocation services online through Colobroker.com.

Q. If I am not sure what a form question is asking, where should I look for assistance?

A. Click this link to open our FAQs page in a new browser window. Many answers to common technical questions can be found there.

Fixed Bandwidth
Burstable Bandwidth
Carrier Neutral (Please provide list of providers and current bandwidth pricing)
Select # of static IPs
 Cabinet With Power
 Additional AC Power
 Backup Power Option
 Additional DC Power
 POTS Line (dial tone)
 Fiber (Multi Mode or Single Mode)
Reboot Servers Remotely
 Firewall Service
 Intrusion Detection
 Load Balancing
 VPN Services
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