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Does charge a service fee?
No. After you complete the online form, we will submit your quote request to one or more of our registered colocation service providers free of charge.

What happens once I have submitted a request?
Once the form is submitted, it will be processed by and a profile of your specific needs will be used to find the most suitable colocation service provider(s) in our database. The information in your quote request will then be forwarded to up to 5 of the best matches. You will then be contacted, via your preferred contact method, with a quote within 24 to 72 hours by the colocation service provider(s) to whom we've forwarded your request.

How do I know if my request was received?
Once we receive your request, an e-mail confirmation will be automatically generated and sent to the e-mail address you provide.

What if I am not contacted by a colocation service provider with 72 hours?
If you have not been contacted within 72 hours of completing your request, please contact our support staff at

Can I change the information on my quote request once it has been submitted?
Yes. If you submit a new request within 24 hours using the same contact name, company name, and phone number or email address, your quote request will be updated on our system and resubmitted to any registered colocation service providers who have received your request.
Will release my contact information to marketing agencies?
No. will not sell or release any of the information provided to any third party except registered colocation service providers. Nor will we use any of the data gathered in your quote request for any purpose not related to obtaining a quote.

Will a registered colocation service providers release my personal information?
As a condition of being a registered colocation service provider with, registered agents are expected to adhere to our Privacy Policy, if you believe that your personal information has been released without your authorization or is being used for any but the intended purposes, please contact our abuse department via e-mail at
What's the difference between burstable and fixed bandwidth?
Fixed or "capped" bandwidth refers to a connection type in which the customer is guaranteed a set maximum amount of bandwidth to be available. This benefits customers whose require a continuous level of bandwidth. Burstable bandwidth refers to a connection in which the customer's bandwidth can increase for short periods of time on an as-needed basis. This gives customers a less expensive solution when their bandwidth needs are generally lower than at times such as large, periodic data transfers.

What does "carrier neutral" mean?
In general a carrier neutral facility is a data center in which the network connection needs are served by several carriers at the same location, this competition between carriers leads to better bandwidth rates. A truly carrier neutral facility will not resell bandwidth for any of the carriers that provide it's Internet connections.
What is load balancing?
The distribution of processing and communications evenly across a network so that no one device becomes overwhelmed. Large web sites typically employ two or more servers and some type of load balancing. As the utilization of one server increases to a point, requests can be sent to the less active server. Load balancing can also refer to the network connections themselves.

What is a VPN?
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network in which some of the parts are connected using the Internet; However, data sent across the Internet is encrypted, making the entire network 'virtually private.' Companies with offices in different cities often use a VPN to merge one or more LANs into one network over the Internet.
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